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Chuck Kramer Reviews – If It Comes to That

Marc Frazier is a poet who often ends a poem with a bombshell—a turn of phrase, an insight, or even a question. His skill at producing powerful endings is one of the delights of reading his work in If It Comes to That, his fourth book of poems, this one from Kelsay books. In “Kahlo” he asks, “Who is who they wanted to become?” In “The Discovery” he ends by stating “…our adolescent lives move on. Always move on. And not much is learned.” In “Journal of the Plague Years: One,” he concludes: “I was the river once. He was the sea.”

These poems wrestle with questions of identity, elitism and privilege, life and death, especially death, as they engage in a constant conversation with the arts. Some begin with a poetic epigraph while others reference movies, painting and art. This gives the poems a large canvas to explore as they deal with both contemporary issues and the dark, lonely corners of Frazier’s personal family history. (Continue Reading Here…)

Creating a Kaleidoscope of Stories as an LGBTQ Author

Step inside the world of MARC FRAZIER WRITES, where words paint vivid pictures and tell immersive stories. As an accomplished LGBTQ author in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with over four decades of experience, I bring a unique blend of robust creativity, artistic finesse, and life’s multi-hued tapestry to my work. I celebrate diversity and inclusion by writing about authentic experiences and a unique identity, offering readers a fresh perspective and a safe space to explore, learn, and grow. 

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My name is MARC FRAZIER, and I am an author of multiple genres – from poetry, captivating fiction, flash fiction, and revelatory memoir pieces to thoughtful essays. My journey started with the art of poetry, allowing me to distill life’s complexities into poignant and evocative verses.

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My four published poetry collections create alternate worlds which the reader is invited to inhabit. Fiction, memoir pieces, essays, and book reviews can also be found in numerous literary journals online and in print. See books here.

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Words have the power to move, inspire, and transform. Over the years, I’ve channeled this power to create diverse published works. Browse my creations and discover a window into my explored literary landscapes. 

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Whether you’re an avid or a casual reader, my sample writings offer a taste of my craft and a glimpse into the heart of my storytelling. It’s a showcase of my style, my voice, and my passion encapsulated in snippets of prose. Explore my works today, and let my words coax your imagination on a literary journey. 

Earlier Beginnings, Bigger Horizons

Unveiling my passion for writing at a young age, my commitment to the craft is evident in every piece I create. My earlier start allowed me to nurture my storytelling abilities comprehensively, equipping me with the skills to engage readers across various themes and topics. Get to know me better by reading the intricacies of my journey.  

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The journey through my work invites you to experience your emotions and narratives more deeply. So, whether you’re here for a considered reflection, a slice of life, or a beautifully told story, you’re in the right place. Connect with me, delve into the enriching world of literature, and find the inspiring story that resonates with you.

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